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SEVEN good reasons to consider auction marketing in the sale of your property:

l. You know the exact day and time
your property will sell, you'll be free to
make future plans knowing that you won't
be tied down.

2. All buyers will be brought together at
one time to compete for your property.
You won't have to consider whether or not
there may be a better offer coming. You'll
automatically get true market value, without
the endless negotiation and delays one
might normally encounter. Properly
promoted, your property will bring true
market value on the day of the auction.

3. You'll eliminate property holding
costs.These include taxes, maintenance,
utilities, and many other related expenses.
The quicker you sell, the more you save.
An auction means saving.

4. You won't have to worry about the
details. An auction is not only quick, it is
convenient. You won't have much to do
aside from depositing your check.

5. An auction costs you nothing. The
buyer pays the fee, over and above the
sales price. Your only expense is a nominal
advertising budget, which is simply your
assurance of the best sales price. Of course,
routine closing expenses will apply, as are
customary in any real estate transaction.

6. You may obtain a better sales price
than you ever expected. When you sell by
traditional methods, you'll never receive
an amount higher than what you ask for.
At auction, the sky is the limit.

7. Even if your property is currently listed
with a real estate agent, you can sell it at
auction right now. Your present agent
commitment will remain unaffected. That's
because we can work cooperatively with
your agent, as we do with many on a
regular basis. You pay absolutely no
additional fees. Think of auction marketing
as another good sales tool.

four decades of experience. We have sold
every type of real estate and asset
imaginable. Call today, you'll be glad you

Once you make the decision to sell at
auction, a background analysis is prepared
on your property. This immediately goes
to the Whiteside Auction in-house
marketing department, which prepares a
full range of advertising materials to
promote the auction.

Advertising is placed in all appropriate media,
and a direct mail campaign is implemented
to target potential buyers.

At the same time, site preparation and
logistical planning is underway. This
includes determining the best manner in
which to sell the property to ensure the
highest sales price. No stone is left unturned
during this process, which very quickly
leads to the day of the auction.

The result is the final bid. After a thorough
marketing campaign and 6-8 weeks of
preparation and careful planning, you'll
know that your property has sold for true
market value. Perhaps even more!

Actual auction results vary according to a
number of factors. These include property
location, condition, legal usage limitations,
and general economics. However a
thorough marketing campaign is your
absolute assurance that you will receive
true market value for your property, and
nothing less.

lf you would like to sell your property, either
at auction, or in the conventional manner,
the Whiteside team can bring you fast
results. Your property could be sold in just
a matter of weeks from right now!

For a free, no obligation saleability
analysis, call
Whiteside Auction
Network at 573-996-2000.
This free
analysis is a valuable tool that will help you
determine the best sales method for your
property. Call today and learn more!

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